This Philosophy Statement provides the foundation for all activities, policies and procedures of ROOSH. It provides certainty and predictability, acting as a guide for all decisions that are made, safeguarding the high-quality service that ROOSH has become known for providing.

As a ministry of Ryde Baptist Church, ROOSH stand alongside Northcross Christian School, united in its endeavour to provide families with a quality
Christian education for their children. To this end, ROOSH provides the highest quality Before School Care, After School Care, and Vacation Care programs within a Christian environment. Our programs are designed to develop confident, healthy, and happy children who are engaged citizens.

We believe that all children have a right to be heard and to express their views and opinions in decisions that may affect them. We believe all children have an innate desire to learn and discover. We nurture this desire by providing a safe and secure, leisure centric environment where children are supported to play, explore, and take risks. We believe this is best facilitated when our relationships with children built on a foundation of warm interactions that display kindness, compassion, and love.

We acknowledge parents and families as being primarily responsible for their child’s complete development. We believe the efforts of parents and families are strengthened and enhanced when they operation in conjunction with respectful and collaborative partnerships with School Aged Care (SAC) services to maximise children’s ability to develop and achieve to their fullest potential.

As a team, we communicate openly and honestly. We work hard to be a team that is professional, supportive, and affirming, thus promoting an environment where all team members feel they belong and their efforts valued.

We believe all children have the right to have their individual and cultural identity recognised and respected. This belief underpins the importance placed on incorporating diversity and community cultures into our program.