Registration Fee

$ 50.00 per family. This is a one-off non-refundable payment made on enrolment. 

2024 Fees

Before School Care

$22 per child.

After School Care

$32 per child.

Late Booking Fee

$6 per booking.

Bookings made within 72hrs (3 days) of the session start time will incur a late booking fee.

Bookings can be made up to 1hr before the session start time for Before or After School Care – a late booking fee will incur.

Vacation Care bookings within 7 days of session start time will incur a late booking fee.  Vacation Care bookings can be made up to 24 hours prior to the session start time.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellations made with at least 7 days (168 hours) before the session start time will not incur a charge.

Cancellations made within 7 days (168 hours) before the session start time will be charged in full and count as an absence.

Failure to Notify Absence

$18 per child (in addition to the cancellation charge). 

A failure to notify charge will incur if your child is not going to attend an After School Care or Vacation Care session on the day they have been booked. The notification and cancellation needs to be made 1hr prior to start of session time. i.e. at 2pm for After School Care. During Vacation Care, notification must be made by 8:30am on the day of the booking. 

Bookings must be cancelled on FullyBooked. A confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to you automatically from FullyBooked. 

Late Collection/Pick Up

$8 per minute, per child. 

In addition a Failure to Inform of Late Pick Up Charge of $18 will incur if you have not contacted ROOSH to inform of a late pick up. 

Vacation Care Fees

Regular Day Fee: $70 per child
Incursion, Excursion or Special Events: vary in price, see holiday flyer for more details. 

Vacation Care fees may vary depending on the planned activities. Any changes to the fees as well as current cancellations periods are located on the program flyer.


Billing Cycle

ROOSH bills accounts fortnightly in arrears. Families are required to pay the gap amount due after Childcare Subsidy has been received for the period. Families are responsible for the full amount of care and must cover any adjustments made.

Method of Payment

All families are required to pay via Direct Debit. Families can choose between Bank Account Debit (no additional charge) or Credit Card (surcharges apply).

One off  Ezidebit setup admin fee per family (direct debit and credit card): $2.20 applied to first transaction.

Credit Card Surcharge: VISA/Mastercard 1.87% & AMEX 4.40%. 

Payment dishonour charge: $14.80

If you are unable to make timely payments please discuss this with the ROOSH Centre Manager. 

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

ROOSH is a registered service with Centrelink. Parents and guardians must contact the Family Assistance Office at Centrelink by phone, at a Centrelink office or through your myGov account to confirm your child attends ROOSH.

ROOSH is not responsible to ensure your details are up to date or correct. ROOSH is not able to make any application or changes on your behalf. Families are liable for the full amount of all fees should their CCS be cancelled or recalled.

ROOSH sends enrolment and attendance details for the service each Friday covering the week proceeding. If you are eligible for the Subsidy, your fee statement will show an estimate of the gap fee required. This estimate is based on the previous week’s usage and so the actual charge amount may change. Families are required to pay any difference between the estimate and the actual. If the estimate is less than the payment, the difference will be credited to the next week’s fees (or refunded if it is after your child’s final week of care).

Families must provide ROOSH with their child’s Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) and date of birth and linked parent’s CRN and date of birth. Holding a CRN does not automatically ensure you will receive any subsidy. You must register your and your child’s CRN with the family assistance office for the purposes of child care.

Please visit for more information about the Child Care Subsidy and what level of assistance your family may be entitled to.