ROOSH is required to hold a fully completed enrolment form for each child at the service, regardless of how often your child needs to attend. Our online enrolment form includes information about medical conditions and custody arrangements. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their details are kept up to date, including any changes to authorised emergency contacts, medical conditions or custody issues. This can be updated at any time via the parent FullyBooked log in. Please also inform ROOSH management via email if you change any vital information regarding medical conditions or custody situations so that we can provide the best care for your child.

ROOSH’s enrolment process has been designed with busy working families in mind, and can be completed going directly to our parent database portal at FullyBooked.

Unlike other programs that require families that commit to rigid permanent bookings, charged at varying rates, families using ROOSH have the freedom and flexibility to customise their bookings according to their needs. Families are charged a flat rate for Before School Care and for After School Care and can make bookings right up to 30mins prior to the start of the sessions time.

Need to cancel a booking? Cancellations made 7 days (168 hours) before the session start time will be removed at no charge!
For Vacation charge the cancellation period is extended to 14 days (336 hours) before the session start time due to booking requirements for the various activities we undertake.

Proof of Immunisation, all relevant medical documents and the registration fee must be attached to the enrolment form otherwise your application will not be processed.

ROOSH provides spaces for children according the Priority of Access guidelines. When there is a waiting list, spaces will be allocated according to these guidelines. The Priority of Access guidelines and our policy regarding them can be found in the ROOSH policy and procedures manual.

Custody Arrangements:

Parents/guardians, regardless of their marital status, have joint and equal legal responsibilities for their children unless there is a Court Order determining otherwise. ROOSH staff need to be knowledgeable of which parent/guardian has specific legal rights and responsibilities. Thus, ROOSH will need to access any relevant parenting plans or Court Orders issued. Services are not legally able to allow children to leave the Centre without permission of the custodial parent/guardian. It is the families responsibility to provide up-to-date records concerning the status of custody of their children. If parenting plans or custody arrangements change, a new copy of the access details must be provided to ROOSH as soon as possible. Should a confrontation situation arise over custody the child will be kept at the service until the service manager and the custodial parent have been contacted, and if necessary the Police and/or the Department of Families and Communities